20 Under 40: Alan Stout

Cedarwood Distribution

I am extraordinarily honored by this award, and grateful to collaborate in building up Springfield and Eugene.

Since my early 20’s, the guiding principle of my life has been “strive at all times to act within my integrity.”

I define integrity as being loving, honest, grateful, and forgiving of myself and of others. These virtues must be held in harmony, so, for example, to be loving, one must also be honest, grateful, and forgiving.

That doesn’t mean that I always live up to this standard. However, when I look back at any choice, I can see more clearly if I have missed the mark and need to ask for forgiveness. On the flip side, if I see that I was acting within my integrity, then I can trust that the choice I made was probably a good one.

This principle has paid tremendous dividends in each area of my life, and has given me a plan for putting my life in order. It has allowed me to live a more fulfilling marriage with my wife Angela and share a more peaceful home with our four wonderful children. On the business level, it has helped me make decisions about how I treat customers, employees, and vendors.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I have work to do, but whether I encounter great opportunities or difficulties in the future, I am grateful to have a principle to guide my next steps.