20 Under 40: Alyssa Powell

Oregon Community Credit Union

A leadership path is not linear.

It’s the flourishing, pausing, and pivoting that we experience each day. We face trade offs, experience triumphant wins—and amidst it all we make the best possible decisions with the information at hand.

Creating a vision for the future, sharing it with others, and connecting the dots to make it happen are true passions of mine. The learning process along the way, and empowering the individualized strengths of others, inspires me to no end.

Radiating compassion and showing up with intention are what I lean into for life and work growth. Navigating leadership means understanding multiple truths can co-exist. It’s also staying engaged, learning stories, breaking down the silos, meeting others where they are, and finding opportunities for others to join the tables they deserve to be at.

I continue to grow in leadership by learning what keeps me grounded. That strength allows me to show up as my authentic self for my family, my work team, my community. Ready to learn, and ready to discover how I can help.

It takes tapping into the best version of myself to continue showing up. I’m ready for the lifelong discovery that doesn’t have a definitive end date. What I know now about myself is yet to evolve—that’s the beauty of uncertainty.

I’m here to continue rolling up my sleeves and serve my community with a tenacious passion.

What can we build together?