20 Under 40: Amanda Kinsella

Chief Operating Officer

Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce

I am beyond honored to be recognized as a 20 Under 40 Rising Business Star. Throughout the last several years, I have had the amazing opportunity to learn and grow from so many incredible and inspiring leaders in our community. 

During my time with the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, I have had the opportunity to connect with business owners and community leaders from all different walks of life, sectors, and industries. My passion initially sparked from hearing their stories. What were their struggles, where did they find the most success, and ultimately, how was I able to help. While all have varying experiences, the common thread was community. That is where I could help. I am a connector, and I am incredibly fortunate that my passion and profession align and I am able to connect people to each other, to resources, to opportunities, every single day. This is where we all call home, why not make it the very best it can be.   

I have many areas of passion and inspiration in my life with a large focus on community impact work. I have been involved with several community organizations that are doing incredible work including Kids First, Positive Community Kitchen, Leadership Eugene-Springfield, Eugene Young Professionals, and the Lane County Historical Society. I strive to set a positive example for my colleagues, friends, and family and show them that you can do anything, especially when you have support from your community around you.