20 Under 40: Artees Vannett

Grey Snow Management Solutions

I am the Director of Operations for Grey Snow Management Solutions, a tribally-owned economic development enterprise which supports tribal sovereignty and community resiliency through regenerative solutions.

I believe that to overcome the economic and social challenges that our society faces, we need to envision a better future which fulfills the growing needs of our communities while also doing good for our home planet.

I have been humbled in my life to help support the development of CERNA, the Center of Excellence for Regenerative Native Agriculture, which supports the nation’s most disadvantaged farmers and agricultural producers, tribal and rural BIPOC communities, with the education and training to transition large scale conventional agriculture to regenerative agriculture. Over the next five years we will work to sequester a million tonnes of greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere and create climate smart commodities which are paid at a premium in the process. Here we believe that by rebuilding our earth’s top soils, creating cleaner air, and healthier communities, we can not only help create a world that is better for our future generations, but also create a better economic system while doing so.

I serve on the Board of Directors for RAIN Catalysts, as well as on the Board of Directors for One Million Steps.

I am honored to be part of this movement, to receive this recognition, and I pledge to continue my efforts to create a better future for everyone, particularly the most vulnerable members of our community.