20 Under 40: Breann Martin

Western Clinical & Forensic Services

The US as a country has never done well when it comes to caring for, treating, and supporting people who lack privilege, whether due to demographic characteristics, having a mental disorder, struggling with substance abuse and dependence, or other factors. These factors further contribute to increased rates of crime and incarceration, which then contributes to a cycle that makes it extremely difficult to function in society prosocially. Working in any of these areas or with any of these populations can be challenging, but it is even more challenging due to ongoing systemic issues that contribute to an inability for people to receive the services they need. Despite these issues, which are ever present, although dynamically changing, I’ve been honored to work alongside many others who make a difference on a micro level every day. I have observed many of these people continue striving and make huge impacts on the people they serve and, in doing so, have come to recognize that change can be made, even by only one person, even when a system is broken. I strive to make that difference every day through my own work, but also through providing support to others in the field who are doing the same because maybe together and in time we will all make a larger impact overall.