20 Under 40: Cassie Jones

Attorney/Partner, Gleaves Swearingen

Age: 36

I feel so fortunate to have begun my legal career in Eugene. Our community is rich in programs and nonprofits serving so many different populations, it affords professionals such unique opportunities to give back. Eugene truly makes it easy to find ways to give in areas you are passionate about.

I have been especially fortunate to have found such an amazing environment to practice law, Gleaves Swearingen. The advice I often give young professionals is to find a group of people to work with that support you and care about you as a full person, not just a professional. The culture at Gleaves encourages attorneys to be balanced humans and to pursue their passions, both in the community and personally. My colleagues have supported my community service and have allowed me the time I’ve needed to give back to organizations that are dear to my heart and to causes that I believe in.

My colleagues have also supported me in allowing me the time to pursue my personal passions, especially travel. The partners before me created a work environment which encouraged young attorneys to work hard, but take time to play hard, too. Exploring the world has opened my mind and added significantly to my personal growth.

While finding a supportive workplace as a young professional is important, it is equally important that as we young professionals become business owners we strive to create and cultivate that environment for the young professionals coming up behind us.