20 Under 40: Cat Mathewson


At age 13, I became interested in housing as a basic human right and I followed this belief throughout my education and into my career- guiding me to Oregon. When I moved to Oregon nine years ago, I did not know anyone. Through my work, volunteering, education, and volleyball; I have found a place in this community, a network of friends, and people who I consider to be my family.

My guiding principle in life has always been to leave the world a better place. I seek out volunteer opportunities and involvements that generate a purpose that aligns with this goal. When we focus on a life of giving, we do not seek out opportunities for recognition. The endless hours can often go unnoticed as we move through life in humility. I am grateful to be recognized as a 20 Under 40 Award recipient; to know that my contributions are being seen and to have the opportunity to shine light on causes that I am passionate about.