20 Under 40: Chris Mackey

Police Officer/Realtor
Eugene Police Department/McKenzie West Real Estate

Age: 36

“Chris is someone that I would describe as a model police officer that the citizens of Eugene should feel fortunate to have working in their city. He brings professionalism, integrity, maturity, and knowledge to what can be a very difficult job.”

Sgt. Malcolm McAlpine, Eugene Police Department


Chris Mackey is with the Eugene Police Department, where he’s a member of SWAT and is assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit, primarily investigating crimes against children. He mediates issues between employees and supervisors as part of the executive board for the Eugene Police Employees Association and is one of only four EPD members on the Interagency Deadly Force Investigation Team. Mackey began a dual-role as a realtor for McKenzie West Real Estate, where he donates a portion of his commissions to Kids’ FIRST, which provides care for the child survivors of cases he investigates at EPD.

Get to know them

Q: What has winning a 20 under 40 award meant to you?

I’m especially honored to receive a 20 under 40 award as a member of the Eugene Police Department (EPD). This is an exceptional opportunity to help put a positive light on the great work the people of EPD do.  Our work at EPD is directly connected to the City of Eugene as a whole, business livelihood included. In order for Eugene to thrive, it needs to be safe. As someone who grew up in this community, I can say I’ve never seen the citizens of Eugene making the amount of effort they currently are for the much-needed expansion of our city’s amenities. Coupled with that, our police department’s efforts for public safety have never had more traction and initiative than we do now. To be recognized for my involvement in the community, in business and with the Eugene Police Department is exciting because I believe it shows, in part, that our citizens and our leaders recognize the true team effort it takes to make positive changes in our community.


Q: How has your community involvement impacted your work and life?

Being in a position to give back to the community and non-profits close to my heart is something that keeps me motivated. Whether being involved on boards, committees, etc. or providing much-needed support to local non-profits, my personal community involvement is something that continues to drive me. It also continues to teach me exponentially more than I would have learned had I not taken the path I chose. Whether it be the Police Commission, my teammates at EPD, McKenzie West or Kids’ First Center, the people I’m surrounded by are incredible and continue to help guide me down my career path, teaching me invaluable lessons along the way.


Q: What would you like to say to future 20 under 40 award winners?

If you’re a 20 under 40 winner, you’ve made good choices and worked hard. Always remember to take care of others as you continue down that path. Mentoring, volunteering, donating, etc. Help the people that you know need help.