20 Under 40: Emily Little

Founder and Executive Director


It is an honor to be able to share my passion for perinatal health equity with the Eugene community as Executive Director of Nurturely. As a researcher and advocate for pregnancy, postpartum, and infant health, my work has taken me around the world. However, to truly improve outcomes for parents and babies we must work locally to change our systems and dismantle racism within perinatal care. I’m proud to put down Nurturely’s roots in the Eugene community, knowing that there is much work ahead that will be embraced by the changemakers in this community.

As the Founder of Nurturely, this work is my life, yet Nurturely has blossomed into the organization it is today not because of me, but because of the incredible educators, activists, parents, researchers, and healthcare professionals alongside me. Our intersectional team pushes for equity, shares preventative education, and creates spaces for cultural empowerment that have already shifted the narrative on what it means to support infants and parents. We are honored to collaborate with community members who share our vision of a world where wellness for infants and caregivers is a right, not a privilege.

Her work in Micronesia, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia inspired her passion for strengthening cultures of support for infants and caregivers and promoting equity in all aspects of her work.