20 Under 40: Jeff Oliver

Partner/Director of Golf, Laurelwood Golf Course

Age: 39

There are myriads of reasons we all choose to live and play in Eugene. However an often-overlooked one is the amazing depth of talent and skills our town’s professionals hold. What makes Eugene even more special is the overwhelming effort of those willing to give back.

There are nearly 1,000 nonprofit groups and organizations in Lane County, and I’m privileged to be an active board member on a handful of them. I’m honored to be just one of this year’s 20Under40 award winners who are all helping give back to our community. Collectively we are more – and it shows.

The “teamwork makes the dream work” philosophy our local community groups thrive on is also what creates the success we enjoy in our professional lives. And that is no different at Laurelwood Golf Course. In recent years, our community has sadly lost some magical places. Civic Stadium is gone. And while the New Hayward Field is going to be amazing, the historic version is now also gone.

The Laurelwood property began its life as a community asset in 1929. For the last 90 years, more than a million golfers have enjoyed a round, but tens of thousands more have used Laurelwood as a gathering spot for weddings, family dinners, school dances, funerals, group jogs, class reunions, graduations and more!

The Laurelwood Dream Team takes great pride in knowing we are the stewards to guiding Eugene’s “hidden gem” into a new era.