20 Under 40: Justin King

Director of National Sales, King Estate

Age: 39

“Perhaps equally admirable is Justin’s dedication to social justice and to helping those in need. Continuing the family’s tradition of philanthropy, Justin has thrown himself into causes that are important to him and to the future of our democracy and our planet.”

Jenny Ulum, King Estate


Justin King is an accomplished guitarist and owner of Vinegar Hill Sound, a photojournalist who was embedded in Iraq, and recently, became a winemaker under the Seven Rows label. He’s serving a governor-appointed, four-year term on the Oregon Wine Board and feels passionate about being on these boards: FOOD for Lane County, Oregon Environmental Council and SquareOne Villages.

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Q: How has your community involvement impacted your work and life?

Engaging with organizations, political leaders and citizens who support our community has hugely expanded my mind and heart. There’s an endless well of inspiration right here in Eugene to be found in the folks who work hard every day to deal with issues of poverty, hunger, homelessness, addiction, environment, crime, the list goes on. Folks who dedicate themselves to the well-being of strangers, every day; it’s remarkable. I find it rewarding, educational and humbling to participate in the effort put forth by so many tireless members of our community.


Q: What do you hope to see for our community?

A progressive, prosperous town, open to change and evolution, rooted in a culture of appreciation for our environment, for all members of our community and a celebratory reverence for the unique characteristics that make Eugene so Eugene.

Q: What style of leadership do you think Eugene needs to leverage future opportunities?

I believe that as the next generation of leadership continues to emerge in Eugene, like the rest of the country, there will be increased economic, social and environmental challenges to work through. Eugene’s leadership will need to be open-minded, tough and to stick to the values of the people they represent. We need to grow, we need to learn from our mistakes and we need leaders who are capable of articulating a vision and inspiring others to reach for it together.