20 Under 40: Kelly Ranstad

CEO/Principal Broker, Hybrid Real Estate

Age: 39

“She’s one of those people that makes you want to be a better person, work harder, have bigger goals, and just do more in all facets of life.  I don’t think she would call it legacy, but she has a sincere need to nurture and grow her community.”

Bryan Ranstad, Ranstad Group


Kelly Ranstad has built the largest independent real estate company in Lane County. As CEO and principal broker for Hybrid Real Estate, Ranstad has 127 active and 16 referral agents and maintains leading-edge technology for the firm. Ranstad has served as president of the Women’s Council of Realtors and principal broker director for the Eugene Association of Realtors. Alongside her 16-year-old daughter, she is starting a new nonprofit to address housing services for vulnerable people escaping violence. She participates other charitable causes, supporting programs such as Brattain House and The ARC of Lane County.

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Q: How do you see your leadership in our community changing in the next 5 years?

Winning the 20 under 40 awards really opened my eyes to all the leadership possibilities where I can make a meaningful impact; Not only in the real estate industry but also my community and society as a whole. Having the opportunity to connect with other community leaders in this special “unofficial club” has really empowered me to think bigger. Who is better equipped to take on and solve something huge? I now find myself saying… “If not us, then who?”


Q: What have you been most motivated by in your career?

I love the real estate industry. I get to meet people from all walks in life. Ten years ago my husband and I were able to provide an awesome platform to empower local real estate professional’s entrepreneurial spirit. This meaningful difference in design not only positively impacts their life, but those around them. Being able to nurture one’s abilities, allow them to take control of their financial future and allow them the freedom to strengthen their own passions is the most meaningful aspect of my real estate career. We currently have 130 agents that are each involved in our community in a way that is meaningful to them and I think that is amazing.


Q: Does winning a 20 under 40 award impact your future career plans?

Just days after being named a recipient of the 20 under 40 award I decided it was time to invest more in myself. I applied to attend the Oregon leadership academy, a year-long program that focuses on strengthening your leadership skills and helps you to reach more through training in multiple types of media. I was 1 of 20 accepted into the program. I am excited to implement these new tools in new ventures. Whether it be a role within an existing program and/or developing a new one.