20 Under 40: Lauren Jerome

Co-founder/Partner, Mindbox Studios

Age: 37

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed solving problems, from the predictable nature of math and science to the intricacies of team dynamics and social issues. Growing up with a home computer in the dot-com era cultivated a sense of limitless possibility and creative paths to innovation, leading me to pursue a career at the intersection of my interests in technology.

I met my business partners while living in Cleveland, Ohio. The failures we experienced in building our first startup together led us to found Mindbox Studios in 2006. We recognized that the average business leader needed a lot more than functional code to create effective technical solutions. Since then, I have worked in nearly every role in the software development process, allowing me to develop critical skills and understand the mechanics of innovation at work.

Deciding to relocate to Eugene 10 years ago as the only remote member of my team was arguably one of the most challenging and rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. I had almost given up hope that a community like this existed, and the relationships I’ve built here have inspired me in ways I never imagined. The Redefining Women in Tech program, which I co-founded in 2017, is a perfect example of the type of collaboration that makes this community feel like home. It would have never existed as the result of one person’s efforts, but together we are able to accomplish meaningful change.