20 Under 40: Mary Mackey

Content Strategist, IDX Broker

Age: 31

“Leadership is about empathy.” Oprah said that… and she’s right. She’s Oprah.

Empathy is the ability to relate to and connect with people – something I try to practice every day.

When I moved to Eugene seven years ago, I didn’t know anyone – and what’s more, I didn’t know HOW to meet anyone. But after landing a job at the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, I quickly learned my experience was not unique. In fact, it was quite common!

Without civic roots, it can be challenging to get involved or know where to plug in. I experienced this firsthand. This is why I aim to meet people where they are – a sentiment which has layers:

It means going out into the community. Even after moving on to new opportunities, I continue to volunteer my time at the chamber and am dedicated to helping other Young Professionals find their place in Eugene and make meaningful connections with one another.

It means meeting people where they are in terms of their background and knowledge. As a content strategist, I strive to put myself in the shoes of our clients. I hope to always craft a narrative that’s accessible to the greenest or most-seasoned real estate professional.

It means meeting people on an emotional level. By leading with empathy, we intrinsically create an environment where people can be themselves, feel confident and find opportunities for engagement and growth.

Meet people where they are. It’s the quickest way to form a genuine connection… and my favorite way to build community.