Kris McAlister

20 Under 40: Kris McAlister

Executive Co-Director

Carry It Forward

Carry It Forward began distributing survival gear from our founder’s vehicle in emergency conditions, and we now operate and support local shelter and outreach efforts in our urban and rural areas. We seek to be where the need is, with understanding and dignity.

Through their personal journeys while in the current environment, our folks are overcoming obstacles and making a new reality for our entire community in ways that people find energizing.To be part of a collaborative solution-focused team of staff and community partners makes that spark shine even more; taking each idea and project to the next level!

Seeing that synergistic response happen around these issues, with our team, and to be recognized for it, is both humbling and exciting for me! We are a forward-oriented community and it shows through the actions of those honored here.

Thank you, for your consideration of our contribution to the tapestry that is the Eugene-Springfield and greater Lane communities.
Born in Springfield, and immersed in the efforts on homelessness since a teenager; Kris McAlister now serves as Executive Co-Director of Carry It Forward, a nonprofit that provides direct service and shelter support for unhoused adults who have not fit into other models.

He is also honored to currently chair both the Lane County Poverty & Homelessness Board and the Springfield Utility Board Budget Committee and to serve as a member of both Escudo Latino and SquareOne Villages boards.

Jessica Marquez

20 Under 40: Jessica Marquez

Assistant Director of Human Resources

Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

University of Oregon

Working and volunteering in Eugene for over 20 years has given me a deep appreciation for our community’s commitment to hard work, philanthropy, and innovation. 

As Assistant Director of Human Resources for the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact at the University of Oregon, I have been afforded the opportunity to directly impact our community in innovative ways. One of the best parts of my job is recruiting world class scientists, researchers, students and staff to the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon. While the outdoor activities and opportunities to explore Oregon are a big draw, I am often reminded that the innovation, creativity, and welcoming people are an even bigger asset. I am proud of the work that I do at the UO and within the broader community, especially the work that has allowed our team to create almost 200 new jobs in Eugene and build partnerships with other local industry organizations and institutions throughout the State. 

My gratitude for our community is also enhanced by my work with United Way, Junior League of Eugene, 100 Women Who Care, SMART, and other impactful organizations. There are so many individuals that genuinely care about improving our community, and I have been lucky to get to be a part of these organizations where I have met so many amazing people. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a leader and I take pride in investing in my community. I am excited to continue to see the positive impacts of the amazing work that business and community leaders are doing all around Eugene.

Todd Mann

20 Under 40: Todd Mann


T. Mann Financial

백지장도 맞들면 낫다 (baekjijangdo matdeulmyeon natda)

Literal Translation:  If you lift together, it’s better – even if it’s a sheet of paper

Too many people in our community are stuck in a cycle of struggle. Breaking that cycle and empowering people to thrive is a heavy lift and can only be accomplished when we all do our part. 

My focus has been on teaching what is presumed to be taught at home or in school, but for most of us was not taught anywhere, financial literacy. It simply does not matter how good your job is, if you don’t know how to handle money, you likely will continue to struggle. 

However, there is hope. I’m just one of many passionate people that call this community home that are willing to go the extra mile to empower each and every person that comes into their lives. 

Only together can we face these challenges. 

Only together can we shoulder this burden.

Only together can we make a lasting difference.

Amanda Kinsella

20 Under 40: Amanda Kinsella

Chief Operating Officer

Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce

I am beyond honored to be recognized as a 20 Under 40 Rising Business Star. Throughout the last several years, I have had the amazing opportunity to learn and grow from so many incredible and inspiring leaders in our community. 

During my time with the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, I have had the opportunity to connect with business owners and community leaders from all different walks of life, sectors, and industries. My passion initially sparked from hearing their stories. What were their struggles, where did they find the most success, and ultimately, how was I able to help. While all have varying experiences, the common thread was community. That is where I could help. I am a connector, and I am incredibly fortunate that my passion and profession align and I am able to connect people to each other, to resources, to opportunities, every single day. This is where we all call home, why not make it the very best it can be.   

I have many areas of passion and inspiration in my life with a large focus on community impact work. I have been involved with several community organizations that are doing incredible work including Kids First, Positive Community Kitchen, Leadership Eugene-Springfield, Eugene Young Professionals, and the Lane County Historical Society. I strive to set a positive example for my colleagues, friends, and family and show them that you can do anything, especially when you have support from your community around you.

Rachel Jackson

20 Under 40: Rachel Jackson

Youth Development Director

Eugene Family YMCA

When I think about being nominated for this award – I am not sure that I can accept it alone.  Transforming what child care looked like through a pandemic has taken a collaborative effort.  I am one of many who stepped up to the plate.  At the Y, we believe strongly in relationships and working together with community partners.  To fully support the families of Lane County – we all need to work in unison.

At the Eugene Family YMCA, I’ve held almost every position within the Youth Development Department. From afterschool teacher, camp counselor, site director, and staffing coordinator and now, 16 years later, the youth development director. 

As the Youth Development Director, I get to lead an incredible team in providing opportunities for youth in Lane County. We support youth in their social and emotional learning, academics, physical activity, and we provide a safe and inclusive environment.  I am proud of the way our team has adapted and the impact that we leave on the families in our community.  

I envision a future where our Y provides programming to all schools and every youth has access, regardless of age. I believe in the power of quality care and how it can influence the growth and development of the young people in our community.  


I have loved every second of working at the Y, even when we have been thrown a curveball. I take pride in my work and the people I work beside, who care deeply about the families in our community.

Enoch Howell

20 Under 40: Enoch Howell

Lead Designer/President

Brinoch, LLC

When I was 8 years old, I told my parents that when I grew up I wanted to help people with their technology. I have always had a passion for helping others and I am grateful that I have been blessed with incredible opportunities to do just that. Technology can be a frustrating thing and it has always been my goal to help organizations have technological solutions that fit their needs, budget and are simple for anyone to walk into the room and use with little to no training. 

One of my favorite things that I get to be a part of is the music department at Bushnell University. Teaching my students about sound, video, and lighting and watching them put their new knowledge and skills into practice is a rewarding experience. 

These last two years have been very trying for so many people and technology has become a large part of our everyday lives from video calls to streaming online. Many churches, businesses and education facilities were not ready for what hit all of us but I am so thankful for the abilities that my team has to help the people and organizations we have been able to. It is an honor to be involved in the Eugene/Springfield community and I look forward to continuing to grow and help our community more every year.

Stead Halstead

20 Under 40: Stead Halstead

Director of Technical and Physical Operations

Bushnell University

The last several years have marked incredible growth for myself and Bushnell University. I am honored to receive this award, and recognize that all project success that I’ve enjoyed over the last several years has been possible due to the incredible teamwork around the university and a willingness to try new things together.

Bushnell University is in an exciting chapter of physical, program and business process growth that will further improve the way that it serves students and this community. I love being part of an organization that cares for the whole person in our students, and that employees at all levels have opportunities to participate in their personal, professional, and faith development.

My faith community at North Park Community Church has provided incredible opportunities to serve our local community through food initiatives at local schools. Eugene has also proved a great jump off place for launching students into service for the university around the country and world. I’m thankful to have served in downtown San Francisco and Houston with student teams.

My favorite leadership quote is by Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right”. I’ve found that life and business is full of unexpected situations for which there is no exact playbook. Going in with the right attitude of possibility is the right first step toward success.

Mandy Gettler

20 Under 40: Mandy Gettler

Senior Innovation Asset Administrator

UO’s Innovation Partnership Services

I am the senior innovation asset administrator at the University of Oregon’s Innovation Partnership Services, where I co-lead the Women’s Innovation Network, a joint initiative between the UO and Onward Eugene that supports women innovators and entrepreneurs.

I love working across boundaries and disciplines, because I believe liminal spaces are where magic happens. I enjoy figuring out how to do things that others haven’t done before. I strive to be a leader who recognizes the strengths and passions of those around me, and I do my best to provide them with opportunities to shine. My role as a leader is to remove barriers and to help those around me find the courage to make their big ideas happen.

I am continually inspired by the vision and drive of the participants and mentors in the Women’s Innovation Network and by my colleagues’ steadfast commitment to bringing new ideas, processes, and products into our community. 

I balance my professional life by volunteering as an end-of-life doula with Bristol Hospice in Springfield. There, I’ve learned to practice being fully present. Leadership in this context becomes of a softer variety, where I’ve developed a subtler way of allowing people the space and permission to open up and share their stories.

Emily Forsha

20 Under 40: Emily Forsha

Vice President of Integrated Marketing

Travel Lane County

The work I get to do every day at Travel Lane County in support of our mission is by its nature highly collaborative. I am consistently inspired by our community’s tradition of coming together in support of a common goal. As partners with business, civic, government and community groups, I’ve seen the powerful impact we can achieve when we bring our individual strengths together to work toward building something greater. 

I have the privilege of serving on a team that includes long-standing community leaders who inspired me early on in my career to lead by serving. This model became my north star and has allowed me to lead with my values to serve my community, friends and family. I truly believe in our “why” at Travel Lane County: our work inspires people to experience and appreciate Lane County, creating opportunities, a sense of place and stronger communities.

As I graduate from the under 40 class and into the next phase of my career and life, I look forward to setting this same example of servant leadership that inspired me. And just as my mentors opened doors for me, I look forward to opening doors and creating opportunities for others.

Scott Fagan

20 Under 40: Scott Fagan

VP, Commercial Banking Officer

Columbia Bank

As a Commercial Banker, Scott works with clients in various industries to provide solutions to support companies’ growth goals and objectives.  He believes in establishing a welcoming and collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and opinions matter.  Being intentional, actively listening, and inviting different viewpoints can bring about new ideas and improvements that might otherwise go unheard. 

When engaged and energetic individuals get together, big things can happen!  Scott has seen this over the past 6 years throughout his service in 20-30 Club, and is continually amazed by the great group of young professionals that step up and give time to support kids in our community.  Eugene Active 20-30 has introduced him to many of the non-profits in our area, including Looking Glass where he serves on the finance committee.  The passion and dedication by leaders of these organizations inspires Scott to continue working to make our region a better place to live and work.  It is humbling and rewarding to support their missions through direct fundraising, grants and volunteering.