20 Under 40: Scott Fagan

VP, Commercial Banking Officer

Columbia Bank

As a Commercial Banker, Scott works with clients in various industries to provide solutions to support companies’ growth goals and objectives.  He believes in establishing a welcoming and collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and opinions matter.  Being intentional, actively listening, and inviting different viewpoints can bring about new ideas and improvements that might otherwise go unheard. 

When engaged and energetic individuals get together, big things can happen!  Scott has seen this over the past 6 years throughout his service in 20-30 Club, and is continually amazed by the great group of young professionals that step up and give time to support kids in our community.  Eugene Active 20-30 has introduced him to many of the non-profits in our area, including Looking Glass where he serves on the finance committee.  The passion and dedication by leaders of these organizations inspires Scott to continue working to make our region a better place to live and work.  It is humbling and rewarding to support their missions through direct fundraising, grants and volunteering.