20 Under 40: Stephanie Scafa

2021 Project Lead, City of Eugene

Age: 36

In thinking about my career and leadership path, my core values as an individual guide who I am. These include creativity, authenticity, learning, integrity and humor. I try to bring my full self to work and life every day, honoring these values as I move through different circumstances and situations. A true leader to me pursues their inner drive while keeping their values in focus.

One of my goals as a burgeoning leader in the community is to fight for justice and representation, and model that behavior for those around me. What truly inspires me are authentic stories of people living out their values.

The leadership role that means the most to me is how I show up in my family—those roles as a partner, step-parent, daughter, sister and friend. I appreciate being able to bring humor as a connector to different situations; I do get a lot of comments on my laugh, which makes me think that’s a pretty impactful thing I bring to different people and situations! I am grateful for the people in my life who continually give me space to continue to grow and learn about myself. I cannot express how grateful I am to the City of Eugene for the honor of being recognized for an award like this. It’s my personal goal to continue to grow partnerships to increase our community’s capacity and serve the place I call home.

Thank you so much!